Twenty years ago, two inseparable high school friends, Chris Carter and Jimmy Vale, went on a cross-country road trip that would change their lives. Destiny took them to the North Woods of Wisconsin and into the hands of The Cleaner, the ancient servant of The One. FBI Special Agent Kimberly Watson is a certified genius, an over achiever, a loner and a rules breaker. Her idea of intimacy is a one-night stand. Her specialty is looking for connections in open cases, which might tie the victims together. She lives to end the seemingly endless supply of “Dead Girls”. Her investigation leads her to both Chris and Jimmy. There is a connection between a series of disappearances and the lifestyle of the very successful, ever-youthful rock star, Jimmy Vale. Chris Carter, meanwhile, has had his life ripped apart by circumstances beyond his control. Kimberly and Chris become allies in a battle against an evil that has existed since before the white settlers, before the Woodland Indians, and before the mound builders. It is an ancient evil brimming with shape shifting, murder and cannibalism.
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