Dead Girls

It is an ancient evil brimming with shape shifting, murder and cannibalism.
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Book Description:

Twenty years ago, two inseparable high school friends, Chris Carter and Jimmy Vale, went on a cross-country road trip that would change their lives. Destiny took them to the North Woods of Wisconsin and into the hands of The Cleaner, the ancient servant of The One. FBI Special Agent Kimberly Watson is a certified genius, an over achiever, a loner and a rules breaker. Her idea of intimacy is a one-night stand. Her specialty is looking for connections in open cases, which might tie the victims together. She lives to end the seemingly endless supply of “Dead Girls”. Her investigation leads her to both Chris and Jimmy. There is a connection between a series of disappearances and the lifestyle of the very successful, ever-youthful rock star, Jimmy Vale. Chris Carter, meanwhile, has had his life ripped apart by circumstances beyond his control. Kimberly and Chris become allies in a battle against an evil that has existed since before the white settlers, before the Woodland Indians, and before the mound builders. It is an ancient evil brimming with shape shifting, murder and cannibalism.
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A great read, interesting characters with a touch of the supernatural. Takes place over a 20 year period with NYC, the Midwest and California. A page turner that makes to put down. I strongly recommend it.

-- JMA

Russ Trautwig (Author)

For me, writing is a close third to breath and love as necessary components of a happy life. I have always been a writer; although it was not my vocation it was and is my passion. Long before I decided to share my work, I had stories to tell and writing was an essential part of my day. No matter how busy life was – and believe me as a business professional and father of five who loves travel and an odd assortment of leisure pursuits such as playing my guitar, singing karaoke and competing in both beach and indoor volleyball, life at times was crazy busy – I always try to end my day with an hour or so of putting words together. Sometimes, that hour can become three or four on a good night and sleep is a casualty. I tend to write on the dark side of fiction, and thrillers that contain just a hint of the preternatural or supernatural are my forte. I cut my teeth as a young reader on King, Ludlum, and Le Carre’ with a good dose of American classics like Hemingway, Steinbeck, and Poe. I strive to bring just a bit from all of them into my work. I’m thrilled with the publication of my debut novel, Dead Girls, a thriller with a Dorian Gray-like rock star villain and a strong, independent and slightly off-center but brilliant FBI agent, hero. Her investigation into a series of missing girls brings her face-to-face with the rocker and the evil force that controls him. It is a steamy, sexy, journey that includes shapeshifting, murder, and cannibalism.

It is an ancient evil brimming with shape shifting, murder and cannibalism.

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