A series of brutal murders shakes the city of New Haven, Ct. All the victims, young professional women, are found dead, left without a heart. Special agent Stacey Loggins is on the hunt for this monster, a bloodthirsty killer who knows her every move, and who challenges her to a deadly game. He is the king; she is the pawn. Stephi Loggins, Stacey’s only sister, has disappeared. She has exactly seven days to decipher the mystery surrounding these murders. If in seven days she can whisper in his ears his name, Stephi will live. If she’s wrong…The pace has been set. Time is running out. Who will win the deadly game?

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Born in Manhattan, NY on March 11, 1961. (soon is my 56 birthday) Ever since I can remember, I’ve been dreaming of writing a suspense novel. From the first day, my mother took me to a public library, I was drawn to thrillers and suspense. Somewhere, in the back of my mind, I knew that someday I would write.
It’s a childhood dream and a man’s reality. A reality that was triggered by many events in my life, but took form in the middle of the most difficult time of my life; coming to terms with the reality that my mother was being taken from me by an incurable illness, lung cancer.
It was now that I realized that my mother was holding on to my dream and that she won’t let go until it was fulfilled.
Many things happen in a man’s life that shapes our destiny. It could be unimportant events, sad moments, happy times, but all that leave a mark in it that you will not understand until that precise moment where everything comes together and you understand, really understand, why it had to happen.
Reading has always been my hobby. It took me away from reality into a world unknown to me. A world that was sometimes happy, other times tragic, but always full of surprises, deep and rich.
It was reading, that the dream of becoming a writer started taking shape. I wanted to bring other people the satisfaction that I felt when reading a good book, the wonderful experience of entering another world, another dimension of the human mind, a world where you didn’t have to deal with your own problems, but for a while somebody else was there to solve life’s problems.
I truly believe that life is about choices. I choose to write and I sure hope you enjoy the reading of Deadly Whispers.
The second part of this trilogy, Deadly Whispers in the Wind, it comes out in 2017. This second part is about a female serial killer known as “Angel Face,” that kills terminally ill people without hopes. A suspense novel, following the same line as Deadly Whispers, but with a human touching background.

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