Dear Hunter

by – Matt DiGeronimo (Author)

Letters from Father to Son 

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Book Description:

Endearing and enlightening. Dear Hunter is a book that readers won’t soon forget.
“DiGeronimo’s writing is clear and smooth like warm honey spread over a decadent dessert. Each letter needs to be read and savored slowly.”
“A simply wonderful book!”
“DiGeronimo delivers the messages in this book to us in such an open and vulnerable way, that I’m so deeply moved with each new letter.”
“Drawing in equal measure upon his own experiences and from a staggering array of great minds that he admires, this book shows that – above all else – the author is a student of life.”
“Rarely ever do I come across a non-fiction book and call it a beautiful read, this book is truly it!”

Matt DiGeronimo holds his young son’s hand, pulls him across the boundaries of time for a father-son sit-down, discussing life’s most complex issues with graceful simplicity. DiGeronimo guides his son through the vicissitudes of life that he will face as a young man, bringing us along on the journey. Gentle and pensive in its delivery, yet powerful and impactful in its message, no topic is off-limits: Love, Mental health. Decision making. Courage. Bullies. Influence. Confidence. Procrastination. Integrity. And so much more.
Dear Hunter provides us with a timeless work that is the result of DiGeronimo’s lifetime of experiences as a nuclear engineer, United States Navy submarine officer, an entrepreneur, a corporate executive, an artist, an author—and a dad.

Reviews for the Book

I absolutely loved this book. It isn’t just Dear Hunter. It’s Dear John, Dear Sarah, Dear James, Dear Brooke.
My father died when I was 21 and in college. He was the first person I called whenever I needed help on “adult” issues that I had no experience in. This book made me emotional as I read it because it is written from a parent to their child, someone they only want the best for. I read this like it was my dad giving me advice and I feel as though when I’m a little lost in the world, I’ll turn back to this book, looking for some dad words to help me along.
Not only does this book read well from the perspective as someone seeking advice from someone for more experienced in the world, it also reads well as someone looking to give advice to those they love. It has some beautiful and truly insightful snippets in it that I highlighted so I can refer back to them later.
My favorite chapter was the one on decisions. I often have a hard time making decisions in life and overthink absolutely everything. The advice given gave me a lot to think about and made it a little easier to make decisions by helping me see the process differently.
Honestly, I can’t say enough good things about this book. To summarize, if you have kids, read this book. If you don’t have kids, read this book. If you were once a kid, read this book. - Brooke

About the Author: Matt DiGeronimo

Matthew DiGeronimo is a native of Hawthorne, NJ. His life experiences include submarine officer for the United States Navy, entrepreneur, radio talk show host, college adjunct professor, energy and manufacturing operations executive, artist, and author. He holds an undergraduate degree in nuclear engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) and an MBA from the University of Connecticut. He resides in Oak Park, Illinois with his wife Caroline, his step-daughters Addison and McKenna, his son Hunter, and his two dogs, Ruby and Teddy.

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