Dear Nicholas: Memoirs of Life, Love and Friendship by Cate Evans Asbury

With unbeatable wit, Cate and her friends pursue their one true love—their soul mate—their Noah. Their hesitations, desires, and blind-faith leap onto the pages revealing every woman’s optimistic panic as shared by friends. Cate captures years of conversations about loves and friendships–and machinations-in short infectious vignettes that give rise to ever changing maxims to live by, date by, and love by. When Cate’s first love, Cole, tracks her down twenty-five years later, everything points to him being the one—and not just another conversation. ADD TO CART
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Funny and real”

Five Star Review on Amazon By kimberly

For anyone who is not married straight out of high school and has had to navigate the dating pool, I think you will find this book hilarious and real. The author has some touching and heartbreaking moments, and frankly, if you can’t relate to one of these stories, you might live in lala land!

The ending section is funny, it’s a delightful read, and take this to the beach with your girlfriends and a bottle of wine……enjoy!

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  1. Abigail says:

    Dear Nicholas had me laughing from cover to cover. If you have ever been dating, in a relationship, or in complicated in between you can relate and be comforted knowing you were not alone. Truly captures the amazing, frustrating, and whirlwind experience of love. I couldn’t get enough and cannnot wait to see what Cate and Amanda do next.

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