Death by Dating

by – Nick Lennon-Barrett (Author)

A comedy murder mystery (Zosha Paul Mystery Series Book 1) 

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Book Description:

“I either block them or start planning my wedding!”

Zosha Paul navigates an unpredictable career, disastrous love life, endlessly critical mother, and best friend who’s been accused of murder. Which might be manageable… without ADHD.

Struggling with a company restructure, she dreams of rehabilitating the increasingly grim reputation of the HR department. But this proves extra challenging when an (admittedly unpopular) member of staff is murdered at the Christmas party.

Since ‘murdered people’ are a ‘people issue’, Zosha must add murder investigation to an already overflowing plate—complete with stalker ex-girlfriend and terminally ill father.

But as she tries to (hyper-)focus on the case, how far is she willing to go to uncover the truth and save her best friend from a life in prison?

And more urgently, can she solve the crime before she does something she’ll regret with the distractingly handsome investigating officer? (The one with the biceps.)

Death by Dating is the latest comedy murder mystery from Nick Lennon-Barrett.

About the Author: Nick Lennon-Barrett

Nick Lennon-Barrett is originally from North West England and moved to London as an adult. The writing bug was always there as a child, yet it wasn’t until he had a steady career in HR that he finally did something about it. He found that the joy of working in HR is that you’re never short of character inspiration!

As a reader he’s an enthusiast of both crime and comedy fiction, so when he started writing his novels, he wanted to combine these two genres tackling topical issues in a whodunit style, yet with humour at the heart – we all need to laugh! This was the start of the DCI Fenton Murder Trilogy.

He currently lives in Essex with his husband and two cats.

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