Former British secret agent Bromo Perkins’ bid for a quiet life as a one-man travel agency in Melbourne is about to explode…

Bromo survives mainly on coffee and malt whisky and blends street-wise hardness with a soft touch with the ladies.

But before he can say ‘Laphroaig’ events are swirling around him and he doesn’t know why – starting with a murdered girl, Tamsyn, who is found to have swallowed diamonds.

Why had she been taken under the wing of one of Bromo’s lady loves who then directs him to a seedy diamond merchant?

Why does the jeweller warn him off and who would mug Bromo shortly after?

And why are there youths stalking him, delivering cryptic messages attached to dodgy diamonds and taking their orders from a gun-toting undercover agent using past liaisons to coerce him into action?

It is a whirlpool with no visible source.

And Bromo’s past seems set to haunt him. When all he wants is to be left alone why are his former masters so closely watching him?

They may have unjustly banished him to the far side of the globe for one small stuff-up, but they have never forgotten him – or set him free.

The tentacles of intrigue stretch far beyond his adopted city in Australia – back to London and across the Indian Ocean to the ancient rock fortress of Sigiriya in civil war-torn Sri Lanka.

He struggles to decipher events – from his early contacts with the Sri Lankans, the explosive raid on their café and the warning from the jeweller, a bruising hit-run attack and an encounter with the enigmatic Mr Blood.

Bromo also experiences an emotional reunion with his daughter Jess, who is committed to the worldwide war on a deadly diamond trade…

Death by Diamonds is a gripping thriller, filled with mystery, suspense and violence on an international scale.

Praise for Tony Berry

“Done Deal, set in the mean streets of inner-city Richmond, is a gripping crime story” – Nicole Lindsay, the Herald Sun

“Richmond is lovingly and accurately rendered.”- Nicole Lindsay, the Herald Sun

“Bromo’s dialogue is pretty snappy and he’s a man of action. This was fun and I’m glad I ordered a copy.” -Karen, Australian Crime Fiction Website

Tony Berry is a lifelong journalist in the UK and Australia. Done Deal was the first novel Berry completed and it met with immediate success by winning a New South Wales Genre Fiction Award. Washed Up also won a NSW Genre Fiction Award plus a mentorship from the Australian Society of Authors. He has continued to work on the series, which will be completed in 2017 – all crime novels and all set in the inner Melbourne suburb of Richmond – while being kept busy as a professional editor.
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