Death in the Valley

When she thinks she has the players figured out¿the FBI shows up.
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Book Description:

Thorny Wallace returns to her hometown for the peace and quiet. WWII is distant thunder in the small rural town, but Los Angeles is always a clear and present threat. As she begins to look into an old death, she finds that there is always more going on in the small quiet town. When she thinks she has the players figured out¿the FBI shows up.

I love the book. Could not put it down.I found the story very interesting and informative.The time and area were what captured my attention and kept me glued to see what Thorny would find next. James Patterson and his Alex Cross books hold my attention like this book. When will the next book come out?

-- Kindle Customer

Baer Charlton (Author)

2015 Pulitzer Prize Nominee, (for his book “Stoneheart”), Baer Charlton holds a degree in Social-Anthropology from the University of California at Irvine. His many interests have led him around the world in search of the different and unique. As an internationally recognized photo journalist he tracked mountain gorillas, was a podium for a Barbary Ape, communicated in sign language with an Orangutan named Boolon, kissed a kangaroo and many other wild experiences in between–or he was just monkeying around. His copyrighted logo is “WR1T3R”. The idea is that within every person, there is a story. But inside that story, is even a more memorable story. Those are the stories he likes to tell. There is no more complex and wonderful story then ones that come from the human experience. Whether it is dragons and bears that are people; a Marine finding his way home as a civilian, or a tow truck driving detective and his family. Mr. Charlton’s stories are all driven by the characters you come to think of as friends.

When she thinks she has the players figured out¿the FBI shows up.

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