51aKIhlqtpL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Lizzie Crenshaw is used to being in the middle of murder in Brookdale. After attending a fundraiser with her friend, Jake Mathias, she embarks on the biggest emotional and physical journey of her life, leaving some of the residents of Brookdale reeling from the effects. And before it is all over, it could cost them someone they love.

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” A longer and darker Lizzie Crenshaw mystery”

Five Star Review on Amazon By catmom17

I had a difficult time reading this content because it touched a nerve. I want to be careful not to spoil the plot and thus will not go into detail. However, I have a very close friend who experienced a similar but worse situation and through the many years of our friendship, I have seen its effect on her entire family. Even a strong and independent woman like Lizzie would be devastated and the validity of the actions and reactions of all the familiar characters rings throughout the novel. Everything that happens will bring about profound changes for everyone and I look forward to seeing the results in future books. One of the long-standing characters will be lost. It is an exciting but sad tale, which will entertain and enlighten, a tough but very worthwhile read.

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Author of the Lizzie Crenshaw and Charlie Bannerman mystery series

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