Kira and her rag tag team are at it again. In a race against time and Hell, it remains to be seen who will come out the victor. The race for the second key piece is in full swing. Add a new virus that is affecting the Were animal kingdom and you have a recipe for disaster. Will Kira and her team be able to end the virus and get to the key piece in time or will the world become Hell’s domain? Will loss and heartbreak destroy the team or will good prevail even over a broken heart? In the end everything decays, but does it have to is the real question only Kira and her team can find the answer to.
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Five Star Review on Amazon By wickedwolf79

This book is an amazing adventure fraught with heart ache and triumph. I recommend it to any one who loves reading about magic,heroes, and the power of the light. Love wins everytime!

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Published author. I love sending people to imagination land. Avid Raider fan and artist. Your heart and mind collaborate to form rare beauty

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