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Book Description

Delilah’s Syndrome is especially dedicated to every young person who is struggling with a poor self esteem as a result of suffering one form of abuse or the other. It is filled with real life stories of young people who went through unimaginable experiences that affected their self esteem, and how they finally overcame the consequences of their horrible past. It is a discourse on how the loss of self esteem can fatally affect the fulfillment of purpose, dreams and goals. It shows practical ways that each young person with this problem can overcome pictures of the past, regain their self esteem and go ahead to fulfill their God-ordained purpose, dreams and goals. Written by a Christian medical doctor with many years of experience helping struggling young people, Delilah’s Syndrome is A MUST READ!
Available on Kobo

“A Life Changer for Both Children and Parents!”

Five Star Review on Kobo by IDONGESIT O.

I really enjoyed this book. It is such an inspiration and one of the most super encouraging books I’ve read in recent times. I love the simplicity with which the author presents her story. It’s so captivating, easy to understand and life changing. I greatly recommend this book to every young person who’s currently suffering an abuse of any form or struggling with a low self esteem from past abuse.

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