Dementia a Slow Descent Through Hell by pat linum

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Book Description:

This heart-wrenching story traces the lives of a dementia victim and his caring family as they descend through the devasting journey and ultimate end that is caused by Alzheimers Dementia. Using personal experience and that of others the author explores in graphic detail the pain and confusion of Pat, the victim and the selfless love of his wife Carol and daughter Mandy. The book is intended to help prepare readers, who may well become carers, know what to expect and to raise general awareness of a condition that receives little attention compared to its impact on the lives of men and women throughout the world. Reading this will make the reader better able to recognise and have empathy for the victims around them and to wonder about themselves and their own family members and friends because…(That will become clear)
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“Five Stars”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Amazon Customer

Awesome insight into the world of dementia….a gripping read…thank you, Mr. Linum for the story.

About the Author

I am a dad of 4 grown-up children, a granddad to their 10 children. My wife says I am a happily married husband since 1986. Dare I argue?
We had a successful Accountancy Practice which we sold in 2006 and took early retirement. That was the best move ever.
Sadly 1 daughter and 2 grandchildren are not in our lives as we are shunned due to their enslavement t the sect of Jehovah’s Witness. The same is sadly true of an untold number of great-nieces and nephews most of whom we have never seen.
In 1966 due to my late parent’s submission to the same sect, I was denied a blood transfusion that may have saved my leg from amputation.
All of this has shaped me into a happy healthy 69 years old who has written loads published little.
Dementia will get most of us to a greater or lesser degree so I felt ‘Dementia a Slow Descent Through Hell’ was important to get out there in print, audio & download.
Look out for ‘For the Sake of a Drop of Blood’ This my story uncovering the nasty radical sect that are, Jehovah’s Witnesses.
Pat Linum.

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Dementia a Slow Descent Through Hell by pat linum

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