410Mw744P0L._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_Jake Corba is a man who has lived under an ancient curse all his life. He is functionally possessed by a demon and has spent most of his adult life denying his family and his heritage.
That all changes when a mysterious man known only as Ivar steps into his life in an attempt to help Jake accept the man he is destined to become.
Through his journeys, Jake fights demons, zombies, and all manner of supernatural creatures, but as he does he finds himself square in the middle of a trap that has been laid out over the span of decades by two enemies from his past seeking revenge

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“Fast moving and original.”

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Kindle freebie. Didn’t know much going into it, and I’ll do my best to not spoil:

The hero is a bit of a slacker, but is a decent guy with a horrible upbringing filled with loss. He is also possessed by a demon. Well, he is partially possessed in the sense that he controls the demon and enjoys the benefits of strength and healing. His ancestors were cursed, and it takes Ivar, a mystic and researcher, to track down Jake Corba and fill him in on a little family history. Jake must face the past and deal with the present, thus an adventure begins. There are demons, angels, zombies, fae, and other creatures in this book.

Oh yea, Heaven is misplaced for a spell, too. There are a couple jump points in the book, but the story all makes sense. Ivar is absent from the book for a bit (no cliffhanger or spoiler on this) and that part of the story was interesting as well. The book is pretty clean for you discerning types out there.


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