Departure and Other Short Tales 

by – James Frankland (Author)

Small brief encounters, that whisk you away. For a while.

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Book Description:

Some of the stories in this collection lean towards the darker side, yet light, absorbing encounters reside too within this anthology. Easily digestible plots, engaging narrative with identifiable characters should keep you turning the pages and providing you with a satisfying reading experience. Each of them offers something different, so it really is a kind of mixed bag. A man and his dog lost in the woods, a woman who battles her demons, and her husband, a happy couple toying with the idea of a gamble, and a cake lover’s fiasco, to name a few. This collection could be a quick fix read while waiting for a bus, waiting for a flight, waiting at the dentist, waiting for anything, or, simply at your leisure. Small brief encounters, that whisk you away. For a while.

About the Author: James Frankland

James Frankland lives in The Forest of Dean. This is his first book. He started writing fiction in 1994. One of the stories in this collection, ‘The Anniversary,’ was narrated by the author on local radio several years ago. He is currently working on his first novel.

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