by King Anthony Kovacs (Author)

Your path to wealth: Explore 29 top-performing mutual funds now.

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An excellent way to invest money for long-term stability is to open diverse Individual Retirement Accounts. You can set up an IRA with a: bank or other financial institution, life insurance company, mutual fund, or stockbroker. A major advantage of IRA accounts is making tax-deferred investments to provide financial security when you retire. For 2024, the maximum IRA contribution is $7,000.

There are 29 outstanding mutual funds that are dependable sources of income because each investment accumulates wealth by producing profits. In the vast investment market of more than 8,000 mutual funds. According to a recent finance study, over 70% of U.S. adults’ financial planning needs improvement. Here is your opportunity to know who these moneymaking mutual funds are and how to directly contact and purchase these investments.

To improve your financial retirement planning requires making investment decisions that show profits and not losses.
This book provides 29 profitable mutual funds serving 29 investment categories. They are considered outstanding because the fund’s performances far exceed the averages in each category. Since the inception of the funds, most of the annual performance were gains and much fewer performance losses. What are the risks? They range from low too high. What are the minimum investment requirements? From $500 to $3000.

Are you looking to improve your financial portfolio? Here is your opportunity to achieve that goal! Where else can you receive this type of valuable information? Cost is simply the book price.

About the Author

King Anthony Kovacs (Author)

King Kovacs is the founder of Mutual Interest Data Service, Ltd. (Mutual Fund Analyzer and Researcher) since 1999. Having this experience and knowledge, he authored 10 financial investment paperbacks. The current paperback is Outstanding Mutual Funds. He has been interviewed on and published several investment articles on King graduated with a Business Administration degree from Rider University in Lawrence, New Jersey. He served in the Air Force, Strategic Air Command from 1959 thru 1962. King is married and is the proud grandfather of 5 grandchildren.

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The author, King Kovacs, has spent 25 years doing extensive research on mutual funds. He provides great info for all investor types but is passionate that everyone should start saving NOW for retirement. Can't afford a financial advisor? The funds he selects are open to everyone and you can purchase them directly. Great info for $10 and you will definitely get your return back on this investment.