Carla Lansing never felt like her life really meant anything. Her overly religious parents and negative friends had a tendency to tear her down. A bad relationship behind her and a new life ahead of her, Carla is ready to embrace her new life. She, and her friend Kytia, move with Kytia’s dad, Gordon Simmons, to Houston for college. Carla soon becomes a local celebrity of the art world and finds friendship with a cute misfit named Trevor Purdue. Kytia, however, isn’t pleased with Carla’s new found fame. Kytia believes that Carla’s place is in her shadow. After learning a long buried secret, Kytia’s rage is cemented. She will stop at nothing to tear her down. Kytia isn’t the only person who has sinister plans for Carla. Trevor’s sister, Rita will do anything to stop Trevor from having her, even if it means hurting him. Carla will do anything to protect Trevor, and Trevor will do anything to possess Carla.
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“I truly enjoyed this book”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Ivan Von Baublitz

I truly enjoyed this book. Not my genre but the dialog moved fluid and the characters were believable. There were times where I felt as if I was watching the story take place and kept me captivated.

About the Author

Allison Miller grew up in the small town of Vernal, Utah. She got into writing in her teens, writing stories about ghosts, crime and magic. She resides in Vernal with her husband and their furry children.

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