Desperation Rules the Day by Colin Guest

Nathan, the captain of a ship, finds himself in serious trouble. Unless he can pay his gambling debts, he is liable to lose his fingers. Given this, when offered a large sum of money to accept two containers on his ship, Nathan is only too willing to agree. He later finds he has jumped from the frying pan into the fire. To his shock and horror, he finds himself the unwilling accomplice in a terrorist plot targeting America. After the authorities learn of this, Nathan makes a failed bid to escape a possible death prison sentence. As a result, he takes his own life. On the American President hearing about the failed attempt, he wants answers on who was behind the plot.
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About the Author

Colin Guest (1940-2018) Born in England, is a freelance writer whose latest book, Impending Disaster, is now on pre-release. It will be for sale as of 22nd April 2018. Apart from books he has had articles published in various online magazines, with one published in a UK expat magazine. In conjunction with Voyage Media, Colin wrote a pilot episode for what they think could be suitable for a television series. Colin also writes poetry. He has had several in the final four in poetry contests, with his last made into a film. Colin once took part in a live American radio show and did a one-hour podcast re his writing. He has taken part in a number of online interviews including one with Lisa Burton, a gorgeous robotic interviewer. A newspaper in Colin’s hometown Plymouth in England, UK, published an article about him and his writing. Colin is keen on environmental and wildlife issues, with his pen name Tigerman, coming from his love of tigers. One of which he has adopted for the past twelve years. Colin has lived in Turkey for over 25 years and now lives in Istanbul with his wife Gulden.

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