Destined & Redeemed

by – RK Cary (Author)

(The Destined and Redeemed Series Book 1) 

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Book Description:

He was from a world that suffered horrendous losses and he had committed revolting acts just to survive. He knew he hurt others and took their very freedoms away. He wasn’t evil or merciless. He was as much a victim as they were, a casualty of circumstance: raised to be stronger, pushed to be smarter, better, tougher, and faster than everyone else. His destiny had been set long before he was born, survival his only option.

Grace Caldwell woke up in the middle of a nightmare that was her new reality. Her choice was simple – fight it or accept it. She had the opportunity to save her world, but would she be strong enough to do so? She had always believed in acceptance and forgiveness. Her beliefs, would be put to the test and her life would never be the same again. Would she be strong enough to not only survive, but be able to embrace this new life? Could she accept this situation and accept him, accept who and what he was? To do so, she would have to be able to forgive him. Would she be able to? And against all logic, would she be able to love him?

For better or worse, till death do they part, when all hope was lost, fate put them on the path that they were destined to be on, to save both their worlds.
The saga begins…Destined & Redeemed

This book is the first book of a trilogy that must be read in order. It contains language and graphic, steamy scenes that are intended for a for adult readers only.

Reviews for the Book

Excellent Plot, The characters are so believable. Cannot wait for the next in the series. I recommend this book to everyone who enjoys a good story. - Peg Mitchell

About the Author: RK Cary

This is turning out to be an amazing journey for me. Characters have been whispering their stories to me for years, usually when I lay my head down and turn out the lights. Until recently, I have been too busy and have told them to be quiet. No longer! I’m excited to bring them alive and share them. In listening to the characters, I am thrilled by the growth I am experiencing in both my writing and my knowledge. These characters are like old friends to me at this point. I hope I have done them justice in these stories. Writing this series, Destined & Redeemed, has brought me much pleasure. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

When I am not writing I am hanging out with my husband, two adult children, or the two dogs and cat that think they own my house, I am at the beach, or planning a beach vacation or a cruise (to someplace with a beach). My picture was taken on a cruise several years ago. Beautiful sunset, don’t you think?

I also am an avid reader, love to soak in stories and characters from many genres. Romance is my favorite though! I love happy endings.

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