Long before there were texts, instant messaging, and endless social networks, we had phones and snail mail. And if we wanted a date, we actually had to talk to the other person first. This would often delay the inevitable, as we first had to gather our nerves in order to ask out the intended person. This was the case for young JR, who was looking forward to his long awaited Halloween date with the girl of his dreams. When he finally got up the nerve to ask Destiny out, she said yes. All he had to do was cut a few lawns to make a buck or two, and then take his younger siblings trick-or-treating. After that, he was free to enjoy his date, and join his friends at a legendary Halloween party. What could go wrong? The thrills start early that Halloween day, when JR decides to get an application for a job and a burrito at the same time. The workers at the fast food restaurant had different plans, however, and leave JR reeling, and wondering what happened. As he makes his way through the day, he is met with a host of obstacles and evil beings trying to eliminate him and his family. These implausible, chilling antics last throughout Halloween day and into the night. How will JR respond? Can he save himself? Can he save his family? And what about Destiny, can he salvage his date? Read Destiny’s Lot: A Halloween Love Story and find out.