Dette Chambers’ Death Journal

by L. M. Du Preez (Author)

Haunted by the weight of a lethal connection, Dette Chambers struggles to resist the magnetic pull of Zach's fate, fearing that her mere presence may seal his tragic destiny.

Book Description:​

I shouldn’t have talked to him, or learned his name.

And I shouldn’t have got in his car.

I’m afraid he’s going to die … because of me.

Dette thought she’d broken the deadly habit of tracking a person, but as soon as Zach walked in, she couldn’t keep her eyes away. Without meaning to, he becomes her greatest temptation and Dette needs to find a way to overcome the curse that’s burdened her for decades.

About the Author

L. M. Du Preez (Author)

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A dark and horrific tale ... shows her talent in creating intense, emotionally charged scenes, well-scripted dialogue, and a perfect ending