Rigged sports games, high stakes gambling in Las Vegas, a professional sports gambler who becomes involved in building a team, and a bigger bet than Daniel Sanders has ever faced, involving real-world consequences, are just a few of the vivid elements that make thriller Dicer Heist an engrossing production.

Dan’s early love of sports has naturally led to his involvement in the sports arena as an adult; but the routes he’s chosen for this involvement, using his math degree and expertise in probabilities and statistics to build a professional sports betting career, skirts the boundaries of ethical behavior. These choices pale in comparison to a project that involves some of Vegas’ biggest political figures and the most money ever spent to support a team, and Dan starts to find that everything – too much, in fact – rides on a sequence of events that he can’t predict.

In some ways, Dicer Heist is a gambler’s dream story. Dan likes the idea of owning a team, his expertise and connections fit in well with team-building and stadium-building efforts, and at first his investment appears a success.

It’s when he conspires with the team pitcher for even bigger money and becomes involved in a rigged game that ultimately abandons the very dream he’s built and invested in, that things get complicated. The story spreads across the U.S., follows Dan to Russia, involves the FBI in his apprehension, and brings a host of investigators into Dan’s choices and methods.

It’s a heist story that moves from Vegas to an international arena, done with finesse and a panache that brings readers not only into Dan’s mind, but the thoughts of those who pursue him.

Spiced with financial data and sporting an international flavor, Vegas atmosphere, and a touch of romance, Dicer Heist holds much for thriller readers who enjoy a good heist story that evolves to embrace a myriad of lives, special purposes, and other countries; all firmly rooted in sports team politics, processes, and high-stakes financial arrangements.
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