London (Lundy) Moran was an intelligent, self-assured fundraiser for the World Charities Foundation. Being an aesthetically beautiful woman she had fought long and hard to be taken seriously in a profession commonly dominated by men. After a traumatic break-up from a long standing personal relationship she was completely focused on her career. The last thing she was looking for was love, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t going to find her anyway. Rafe Gallagher was the lead singer and creative energy behind the most successful phenomenon to hit the music scene since The Rolling Stones. The band Closer Distance, and more specifically Gallagher himself, had been breaking records and garnering every critically acclaimed and fan supported award relevant to their genre for the better part of a decade. Rafe, unlike the stereotypical rock star, was humble to a fault, considering his status as the most sought after bachelor in the world of entertainment with looks that could only be described as otherworldly and the charm to match. He found love in his profession long ago, but had never been IN love personally. That would all change when he least expected it.
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Five Star Review on Amazon By Robyn Hopping

This is an amazing book, written by an equally amazing author!! You will fall in love with Rafe and Lundy’s story and won’t want it to end.

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