A dictionary of English’s 3500 most interesting and/or beautiful words. Many are obscure words — this book is not useful for foreigners learning English, but best enjoyed by fluent or native speakers. A book for word-lovers who enjoy learning and appreciating more of the English language. Includes some poetical quotes showing usage and select etymologies.
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“A Gateway to Exceptional Words”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Chris Beck

Opening this book is like stumbling upon some exotic museum, or maybe like the flavors at an eccentric restaurant, a place specializing in food you’ve never before tasted. Page after page offer words that suggest worlds, that open a window into the minds of the humans that came up with these notions, and that leave you amazed at the sheer breadth, specificity, and oddity of language, When was the last time you heard someone mention petrichor (the smell of earth after rain) or kirkbuzzer (someone who robs churches), or perhaps goobermensch (someone who thinks they are an ubermensch, but clearly are not. If you are curious about ideas, conversation, and the human experience, this is an amusing, distracting and eye-opening read.

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A long time word lover living in a chalet-style house in Alaska. Hope you enjoy the book: Dictionary of the Strange, Curious, and Lovely.
(Alaskan roaming the boreal Arctic: watch for beauty, read Byron, archery, motorcycles.)

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