by – A.G. Russo (Author)

 A heartwarming adoption story of unconditional love.

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Book Description:

Ava is a feisty little girl who loves dogs and likes bandaids. One day a large old dog follows Ava and Gramps home. Ava’s mom won’t let her have a pet so she can’t keep him. But she does name him Diego. He is smelly. They take him to the rescue shelter the next day but Ava and Gramps visit him there every week. Who will give Diego a home? A heartwarming adoption story of unconditional love.

Reviews for the Book

"Diego the Smelly Dog comes with lessons in kindness, surprises, and youth and old age. These elements will delight read-aloud adults looking for opportunities to discuss them with the young." D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review
"Diego the Smelly Dog by A.G. Russo is heartwarming and sweet. It teaches kids the value of being patient and giving people time to be okay with a big life change...The story will appeal to children and to parents due to the many subtle lessons it has." Reviewed by Sheena Monnin for Readers' Favorite, 5 stars
"A heartwarming tale with a happy ending, Diego the Smelly Dog is both dramatic and tender, sending an important message about caring for those who may be unwanted and neglected. Finely illustrated with pictures that tell a story even without the text, this book is an uplifting reminder that an old pet can be a fantastic friend too, and everyone deserves a home." Self-Publishing Review