Ingrid Lundström, the daughter of a wealthy Swedish banker, has been a global roamer since she left school. An iconic blond, she resembles Agnetha Fältskog of Abba fame. These attributes dominate her existence, especially when she moves to Papua New Guinea, to work. Because of her connection to wealth, she becomes the target of criminals. Because of her appearance, she attracts special interest at every turn. When aspiring teacher Michael Mannion hears about Ingrid’s fate at the hands of kidnappers, he travels to Papua New Guinea to track her down and attempt a rescue. However, he encounters many surprises. What he doesn’t know is that he’s as much the problem as the solution. They say love conquers all, but in a country where it’s hard to separate fact from fiction, the serious from the lighthearted, and good guys from bad guys, love may not be enough. For Ingrid and Michael, love is their path to salvation but this path takes them on a different and sometimes unpredictable adventure.

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“A great tale!”

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A delightful story full of so many twists and turns. The characters are very likeable. The setting of Papua New Guinea enhances the situational humor and provides a wonderful insight into this little known country. A great feel good read.

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The story of romance adventure and fun in The Land of the Unexpected.

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