There is dirt in us all and I believe it should be celebrated…
This collection of poetry is a ten-year span and observation of all things uncouth, romantic, and violent. A cryptic concept that I invite you to unravel as its adventure is weaved within my very own subconscious. All of which is suggested by strong emotion and written with the delicacy of a dirty heart.
This book is a descriptive picturesque portrait of certain scenes as they play out through my very own presence. If you want to read about rage, addiction, passion, fear, and love then I would oblige to share some wit, wisdom, and charm with you.
My dirty beginnings are brought out best over my 250 pages of powerful thoughts, striking imagination and shocking stories. Each poem offers multiple meanings and a promise from myself to never destroy your belonging take on them.
My influencees are praised, celebrated, scorned, torn apart, and doted on. Like a butterfly effect, they all play a part in this catalogue. All of the dark parts of love and the dirt in people is what fascinates me and inspires me to write.