Dirty Business by Peter Hurley

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Book Description:

Despite the huge body of literature on business administration, business law and risk management, and even with the growing awareness of the implications of unethical corporate conduct, Dirty Business is still largely a taboo subject only whispered about behind closed doors. After all, when one suspects someone in an organisation is taking a bung or defrauding a company, it’s not exactly a topic that’s commercially prudent or safe to openly discuss. Yet it’s exactly what professionals and senior managers should be able to identify and prevent. But having high intelligence and a good business or legal education is no safeguard against the unethical and criminally minded players in 21st century business. Much can be gained from understanding business law, but in the opinion of this author, lawyers seldom make for good commercially minded businessmen. Businessmen, meanwhile, frequently lack the legal expertise and commercial experience they need to avoid trouble. To square this circle, this book has been written from the perspective of an experienced business practitioner, not a lawyer or academic, for fellow would-be business practitioners. It’s not a compendium of ‘tricks and strategies’ to misguide, deceive or do down others. This work is intended to be a broad methodological review of ‘what and why’ things can go wrong in business when encountering dishonourable individuals and corporations. In reality, this book is the tugging open of a curtain which has cloaked a largely clandestine subject, but hopefully through the shedding of light, this work will illuminate ways to avoid some of the business world’s snake pits, bear traps and mine fields.
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“A Textbook for Both Cops and Robbers”

Five Star Review on Amazon By William R. Corcoran, PhD, PE

This book should be read by every professional who deals with salespersons or purchasing departments. It should also be read by shareholders and venture capitalists. It is an eye opener.

I recommend it to all members of town councils and school boards. Members of public utility commissions should read it.

I recommend it to all Attorneys General and all Inspectors General.

I wish that Dr. Hurley would do a YouTube video and/or a TED talk on this topic.

Extent of Intellectual Corruption

An inescapable fact is that lack of competence, integrity, compliance, and/or transparency at any location/ site/ unit/ level of an organization has never been found to be confined to that entity . Moral pathogens propagate. Moral pathogens congregate.

Observation: Mediocrity penetrates most interfaces, but excellence is often confined to the stovepipe it started in.

Quotation: “There is a Gresham’s Law of safety and quality culture. The bad drives out the good.” –Bill Corcoran

Quotation: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!”-Upton Sinclair

Observation: It is not an overstatement to notice that competence, integrity, compliance, and transparency are the four key components of quality and safety excellence. The lack of one dooms the organization.

Quotation: Timothy J. Sloan, Wells Fargo’s chief, said, “To regain the trust we have lost, we must continue to be transparent with all our stakeholders and go beyond what has been asked of us by our regulators by reviewing all of our operations — leaving no stone unturned — so we can be confident we have done all that we can do to build a better, stronger Wells Fargo .”

Observation: Few people would be surprised to find that the lack of competence, integrity, compliance, and transparency that came to light from the Flint, Michigan lead contamination episodes is common to other local, state, and federal programs.

Observation: The deep-seated safety shortfalls at BP Texas City were found to be endemic to other BP sites in the U.S.

Observation: Today’s scandalous fiasco is not likely to be an island of incompetence and lack of integrity in a sea of excellence and integrity.

Quotation: “Cockroaches never travel alone. If you see one on the kitchen floor, expect to find thirty under the fridge.”-Bill Corcoran

Quotation: “… bad news often surfaces serially: You see a cockroach in your kitchen; as the days go by, you meet his relatives.”-Warren Buffet

Observation: Morally corrupt organizations tend to be suppliers, customers, and partners of morally corrupt organizations.

Observation: Morally corrupt individuals tend to find their fellows.

About the Author

Dr Peter Hurley is an independent consultant in marketing, business development and environmental science. He has been responsible for many disruptive innovations, and marketing strategies. He holds 11+ patents and patents pending for disruptive innovations in the fields of chemistry, chemical devices and environmental remediation. Dr Hurley has a strong technical background, holding a B.Sc.(hons) and Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of Lancaster and professional status as; CSci, CChem, FRSC, CEnv, C.WEM, MCWEM and AFChemE and having previously worked with Glaxo (GlaxoSmithKline – GSK), Upjohn (Pharmacia & Upjohn Ltd) and Amersham International plc (GE Healthcare Life Sciences).
Following his MBA from Manchester Business School he has worked in General Management and Commercial Management in the chemical sector, as; Business Development and Marketing Manager for Holliday Dyes and Chemicals and HCH Group, Sales & Marketing Director for Croda Colours and Sales & Marketing Director for Jaysynth (Europe) Limited. In 2005 Dr Hurley created his own technology start-up venture – Cylenchar Limited.

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