Dirty C.O. by Rod Ballard

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Book Description

51VJI84JLIL._SX352_BO1,204,203,200_Tristan Irving decides to take on a career as a Correctional Officer. Entering the prison system with a focused mind—Tristan faces financial problems and is eventually distracted by how much money he can make illegally.
Tristan becomes friends with an inmate that pays him a lot of money for different favors. Tristan only plans on making a certain amount of money until he sees that the money he’s making is too good to be true. But wait—it gets better! Tristan meets a female prison guard with money on her mind also. Tristan and his female co-worker operates as a team to smuggle as much illegal product as they can to make the most money out of it. Will Tristan be able to make his money and get out of sight with clean hands or will he get caught up with his illegal acts and become another inmate?

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About the Author

Meet Rod Ballard: Rod is an author that is a native of South Carolina. Just a few years ago in 2012, he started writing stories and decided that in spite of coming from a place where it seemed few people dared to dream big, he would fulfill his dream to be a published author. So he finished his first published novel, “The Confessions of a True Womanizer,” earlier 2015 and immediately sought ways to spread the word.

Rod has been featured on the talk show, “The Logan Power Show,” in September 2015. He talked about his childhood coming up and how he was introduced into writing. You can find that show on Youtube.com under “Author Rod Ballard on The Logan Power Show.” Rod has also been featured on plenty of Blog Talk Radio Shows–so he is no stranger to interviews.

Rod is committed to fitness and living a positive life. It is his personal belief that the way you keep yourself up on the outside reflects who you are on the inside. In his spare time he enjoys reading, writing and listening to music of various styles but favors Smooth Jazz and R&B. He also commits to motivational speaking and anything that has a positive role in his life and the lives of others.
Rod Ballard’s future aspirations are to be a best-selling author and to see his works on movie screens.

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Instagram: @rod_writer