What happens when you find pictures of another woman on your husband’s phone? And they are not of her face? Crystal believes that she has it all figured out. With four previous failed relationships, she is certain that she has found her one true love. After all, Burt is wealthy, powerful and handsome – what more could she want? It all comes crashing down one morning when she discovers photos of another woman’s lady pieces on her husband’s phone. Close to a nervous breakdown, she combs through her life to find answers, working through each of her failed relationships to examine the lessons it taught her. Where did it all go wrong? Only Crystal has one more lesson to learn: how to live her own life. Join Crystal on her journey of wealth and ambition, hope and betrayal, lost loves and new beginnings.
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A recommended quick read!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By A. Lynn Powers

I reviewed this book for OnlineBookClub and absolutely loved it. It’s not a typical romance filled with erotic scenes (which is a plus for me), and it has much deeper themes spread throughout. It reads like a memoir or like I just sat down with the main character while she is telling me her story. I love her voice and the upfront way she just puts everything out there. At times I wanted to shake her or knock some sense into her, but hey, I’ve wanted to do the same thing to myself in retrospect as well. So, it ends up being totally realistic.

About the Author

D.A. Prince (Deann to her friends and fans) is the type of woman that today’s society has been clamoring for. Deann has been described as a youthful, energetic, sophisticated and inspiring woman. She is passionate about learning, research and takes a special interest in making each day count. At the same time she is a Model wife, mother of two, soccer mom, and fashion lover (and an ex-model, who still wants to work btw ;)).

Born in Brooklyn and raised in Long Island, New York, she discovered her love of pop culture and entertainment as a youngster and a budding bodybuilder. Friends and Fans can often catch her keeping fit at Title Boxing Club Palm Beach Gardens in Florida. She is also a tennis enthusiast, working on her game – so feel free to challenge her to a match! One of the things she enjoys most out of life is talking to people and listening to their perspectives and ideas on a variety of common interests and current topics. While Deann is known for making others laugh, her first novel “Disastrously Fabulous” is inspired by wonderful true life experiences assembled into a fun-to-read book made purely to entertain and uplift readers. “Disastrously Fabulous is my first creation of artistic expression and I hope it will give you a chuckle and make you feel moved” – Deann Prince.

You can join Prince for a discussion of “Disastrously Fabulous” on Twitter or email. Talk to her about Betrayal, pop culture or current events happening around you. D.A. Prince is not only a name it is a mirror of Love, Laugh, Peace and Blessings!

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