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Disposable Lives by LESLIE LEE KOHLER


Slip into the secret society of the Travellers, modern-day gypsies who will stop at nothing to win their deadly con games.

Maggie Leman leads a fairytale life in California’s Newport Beach. But when cheating golfer husbands from her Club get knocked off, along with the Travellers muscling into Newport Beach society, Maggie fears she’s bitten into a poison apple, spewing its venom into her life. To stop this deadly flow, Maggie, ex-marketing exec, now Country Club Mom, launches an investigation into these sordid affairs. What she finds is shocking. It appears Newport blue blood is tinged with red. Does this deadly tide bleed from the Travellers? Or from the upper crust of societal elite?

Worse, can Maggie stop this deadly flow…or will her questions make her the next victim?
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“Excellent read!”

Five Star Review on Amazon by Deanna Patnode

I just finished reading Leslie Kohler’s mystery, Disposable Lives. I absolutely loved it! It’s a fast-paced read filled with intrigue, yet laced with humor. The main characters range from fun and quirky, to downright dangerous.

I loved how Disposable Lives lets the reader into the secret society of the Scottish Travellers. This is a group that I found to be extremely interesting, but is rarely written about. And I loved how the book, based in southern California, weaves the Disney theme throughout. I found this to be a unique twist.

If you are looking for a fun read, with surprises at every corner, pick up a copy of Disposable Livels.

About the Author

Leslie Kohler is the author of DISPOSABLE LIVES, a fun-packed read filled with Cocktails, Con Men, Conspiracy! Slip into the secret society of the Travellers, modern-day gypsies who will stop at nothing to win their deadly con games.

She also authored SINS OF THE BORDER–Martinis, Men, Murder! A fast-paced story that weaves the reader through Arizona’s high society to the fringes of the Mexican border.

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