“Sometimes falling is only the beginning.”

A Guardian who’s losing himself…

After falling to Earth, Christian and his brothers have stepped into the role of Earth’s Guardians. In the fight to keep the balance between good and evil, Christian has begun to lose himself…until a chance encounter with a feisty and enticing mortal. She brings out feelings Christian has never felt before, giving him something for which to fight. But will it be too late?

A woman who could change it all…

Ella has spent her entire life trying to help those around her; however, she still feels alone. You see, Ella has a secret. One she doesn’t understand, but it will ultimately change her life forever. When she meets the mysterious and sexy Christian, though, Ella knows she’s found a kindred spirit. He makes her feel safe and she wants him, needs him by her side. But will it be enough?

A darkness threatening the light…

Danger lurks around every corner, and as the unanswered questions pile up, the balance between good and evil is shifting. With everything on the line will, Christian and Ella be able to trust in themselves and each other…or will they lose themselves to the darkness?

This book is intended for mature audiences only (18+). This book contains some explicit language, some sexual content, and violence.
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“Divinely Good Read!”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Torie James

This was the first work I’ve read of Ms. Rose’s but it certainly won’t be my last!

The author’s debut novel was skillfully crafted, beautifully executed and full of a quiet charm that it takes many writers many years to achieve.

The concept of fallen angels isn’t new and generally most stories tend to follow a certain trope or path. Not this time! Christian, a confused, conflicted angel and a mysteriously gifted human woman, Ella, both incomplete until a chance encounter throws them into a new, dangerous world where secrets abound and truth is merely lip service.

I strongly recommend this book if you love hypnotic thrillers infused with burgeoning love/passion. You won’t be disappointed!

About the Author

E.F. Rose (Emily) lives in California with her boyfriend & family. She is the author of Echoes (A Book of Poetry) & The Fallen Guardians Series. Emily has always long to be a writer and hopes to be able to make a living doing what she loves.

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