why“Do We Need Architects?” (published by Xlibris) Alun Dolton answers that question with his life story, a journey of self-discovery and self-actualization that unfolds over 25 years of his time in the profession. He reveals, or rather, explores with his readers, his own motivations for becoming an architect, learning about the field and the changing paradigm of practicing it, to experiencing the impact of architecture on the built environment. His memoir investigates the meaning, perception and relevance of architecture in today’s world.

“Have you ever had a favorite building, park, or square? A place that affects your mood?” Dolton asks his readers. According to him, everyone has, at some stage, experienced the impact of architecture and landscape on the way they perceive reality. He invites his readers on voyage that examines what architects do, as well as the legacy of the architectural process that influences the environment, visiting places and exploring architectural interventions by taking them out of the glossy images shown in the architecture books and industry journals and placing them in the context of their urban or natural setting. In Dolton’s words, “It is always as a found object, always in the present, examining the impact of humanity on the environment and the contribution architecture has made and is continuing to make to the everyday environment where we all live, work, and play.”

With his book, Dolton shares his experiences, how his journey has taken him to many places, what he learned about architecture – how it is practiced, how it is perceived, its impact on cities and places. The process of continual change is captured and examined, along with the forces that bring about change, as he takes readers beneath the surface of architecture.

“Do We Need Architects?”
By Alun Dolton
E-Book | 342 pages | ISBN 9781503578173

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About the Author

Alun Dolton is an architect specializing in urban design and master planning projects in the U.K., Middle East and Asia.

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