In this sizzling story of family drama, money, and seduction, one woman’s desire for a luxurious lifestyle leads her to prey on a vulnerable man—until his father’s suspicions threaten to undo everything.

Aniyah Sanchez is a wild, sexy, and seductive woman—and has just been released from prison for crimes of fraud, kidnapping, and embezzlement.

Without parents to turn to, she’s surprised when her aunt Tessa comes to her rescue and sets her up in an apartment until she can find work. But Aniyah is determined to move out and start a new life her own way—by finding a wealthy man who can provide the extravagant lifestyle she longs for.

That man turns out to be Jarvis Powell, Jr., who finds Aniyah very attractive and gives her a job at one of the banks owned by his father. There’s just one problem: Jarvis’s father is suspicious of Aniyah and will do everything in his power to protect the family legacy…especially from a woman he suspects is trying to ensnare his son to get to the family fortune.

Now, with Jarvis, Sr. watching her like a hawk, Aniyah is more determined than ever to win over his son. Will the bond of a father and son undo her plan, or will she finally get her chance at a new beginning?
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Originally after reading the first book We haven’t seen it coming?I developed a passionate dislike for Aniyah?Going into reading Do what you gotta do?I still had a passionate dislike for her but as I kept on reading?I developed a bit of a soft spot for her?I must give credit for when it’s due?This chick is coniving?sneaky?and heartless?but she did show bits and pieces of her just yearning to be ginuinley loved and cherished from a man?which the only man that really stole her heart at the end of the day was Jarvis?Now Powell Sr?Oooooo he irks the breaks off of me?I just can’t stand him?Between Rupert Houston and Powell Sr?They are messy and they are really full of it?But what it’s worth?Aniyah really did try her hardest to keep her past in the past and really start fresh and new?I’m so happy that in the end this fairytale love story that started out as a con ended up to being a precious reality?Christine Y.Robinson you deserve five stars on this novel?I truly enjoyed reading this and I am so proud of you and honored and blessed to have you become my new found favorite author?I will support you in each and everything that you do moving forward?This was in fact a beautiful and wonderful read?

About the Author

Christine Young-Robinson is the author of the novel, We Didn’t See It Coming and the short story “Miss Amy’s Last Ride,” which was featured in the anthology Proverbs for the People. A wife, mother, and grandmother, Christine resides in South Carolina. She is the co-chairperson of the Eleuthera Book Club.

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