Doctrines of Demons by Rev Eddie C. Donnally

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Book Description:

When Casey Carl’s midnight exorcism becomes a rape charge and police find kiddie porn on his computer, the small-time LA pastor and homeless youth minister sees his world disintegrate. LA Times reporter Haley Woodhouse come to his side, and they search the city’s satanic scene for answers, including why a hit-and-run driver murdered Carl’s wife two years earlier. But does the pretty reporter really care or is she exploiting Carl’s scandalous new fame? Defrocked, disgraced and destitute, he faces prison and a plot to murder him. Yet, the fallen pastor fears most an actual fall; returning to his former love, heroin, or finding a new lover in Haley. His home shakes, reptiles attack, and when Carl’s virgin, teenage daughter shows up to help, the satanic plot becomes personal. The pastor and reporter battle the Cult of Lam, and must risk their lives to foil a massive human sacrifice, something Satanists believe will return the extraterrestrial fallen angel Watchers and dawn the New Age.

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” A Gritty display of Christian Spiritual Survival”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Brian Reynolds

No, no, no, hey… What the, no! WHY?
This is my initial reaction to the first several chapters of this outstanding work! This book isn’t just full of twists and surprises, it shakes the gut a bit if you understand that much of the goings on in this book could, can, and probably have, happened to so many out there. Though this is a work of fiction, it draws heavily on the spiritual battle that is ever raging all around us.
It took awhile for me to sit down and read this book, but once I did, I gulped it down within 2 days, being irritated any time I had to stop. Doctrines of Demons: The New Age Dawns is written well enough that it developed a wonderful suspense/thriller movie in my thoughts. A movie in which I didn’t want to hit the pause button! The book flows right along at a steady pace, and there are several twists that happen so carefully, that when they do happen, you realize that you should have seen it coming, but didn’t. I’d recommend this to anyone. Christian or not, you’ll enjoy yourself with this one.

About the Author

Eddie Donnally has lived a most unusual life. He is the only professional horse jockey to have won an Eclipse Award for Newspaper Writing and one who has been a television show producer, racing show host, certified fund raiser, ordained minister and in recent years, a professional hospital and hospice chaplain. A former jockey who rode some 10,000 races and won nearly 1,200, he wrote for the Dallas Morning News for nine years and has published over 100 articles in a score of newspapers and magazines, including the Washington Post, New York Times and the Times Sunday Magazine. Since finding Christ in a jail cell in 1996, he’s been in full time Christian ministry. He was the Development Director for Race Track Chaplaincy of America, Associate Pastor at two Los Angeles Foursquare Churches and is an endorsed chaplain. He holds a Doctorate of Ministry, a degree he earned in his 60s. His self published bio, Ride the White Horse, A Checkered Jockey’s Story of Racing, Rage and Redemption sold thousands and remains a consistent Amazon best seller. His story has been published in magazines and books, including Chicken Soup for the Recovering Soul discussed on radio shows and featured on The 700 Club and the CTN’s Herman and Sharron Show. He is a frequent speaker in churches, recovery conferences, rehab centers, and prisons. He wrote Doctrines of Demons in 2009 but did not feel God’s leading him to publish it until recently. He believe the book as well as his blog and recent radio show guest spots, found on, contain end-time prophecy and a prophetic message for the Christian Church.

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