Dog! by Mike Robbins

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Book Description:

So you think you know your dog?

Bazza is an easy-going middle-aged college lecturer with a taste for weed, porn, beer and redheads. When he adopts a rescue dog, he sees nothing odd about the animal. Then a Himalayan monk comes to visit, and senses something strange.

Dog is a powerful story of love and loss, sin, redemption and dog mess. You’ll never see your pet the same way again.
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“Very enjoyable”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Luv2read

A delightful book that will capture the heart of any dog owner, dog lover, or reader who enjoys a well-written clever book, told through a novel protagonist, a dog. Being that I’m a dog advocate, been involved in dog rescue with my husband for the last 28-years, I was drawn to this book. And I was pleasantly surprised to learn that our funny and “thinking” dog in the story was rescued from a sanctuary, having been with two prior families. This is no superficial read and tackles subjects that are bound to get the reader thinking. A good story does two things, it entertains and teaches. This one hits it on both marks. Very enjoyable.

About the Author

Mike Robbins is the author of two books of travel memoirs, a novel, and a scientific book on climate change. He has been a journalist, traveler, development worker and climate-change researcher.

Born in England in 1957, he graduated in 1979 and worked in rock-music publishing, financial journalism, as a traffic broadcaster and as a reporter on the fishing industry.

In 1987 he went to work as a volunteer in Sudan, an experience he described in his book Even the Dead are Coming (2009). He later also worked as a volunteer in Bhutan and went on to live in Aleppo, Brussels and Rome. These travels led eventually to a collection of long travel pieces, The Nine Horizons (2014), and a novel, The Lost Baggage of Silvia Guzmán (2014). A collection of three novellas, Three Seasons: Three Stories of England in the Eighties, was published at the end of 2014. He expects to complete a second novel in 2015.

Robbins is also the author of a scholarly work on agriculture and climate change, Cropping Carbon: Paying Farmers to Combat Climate Change (2011), published by Earthscan (now part of the Taylor & Francis group). He currently works as an editor in New York.

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