Dogs of Meadowbrook

This is a story about a couple that had a little home in Virginia that was filled with so many memories.
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Book Description:

The place is ‘Meadowbrook’—a five-acre former corn field surrounded by thirty-six acres of hardwoods, bordered by two creeks, in north-central North Carolina. The central players are a pack of distinctive, engaging dogs who share an intimate relationship with each other, and with the author and his wife. The personalities, antics, and character of the Meadowbrook gang reveal to their human partners previously unimaginable richness and mysteries of life, and cause them to forever change how they pursue their lives.

This fast-moving tale focuses on a unique group of dogs, whose playfulness, inventiveness, loyalty and courage capture the hearts of their human partners, and create the spirit of their home place. At Meadowbrook, human and dog lives thoroughly intertwine as they share humor, tragedy, adventures, and love. The incredibly varied and wholly entertaining ways that these dogs approach every aspect of life immerse the reader in a world that few humans or dogs have been privileged to know.

For the first time, readers see what it is to be a dog living a truly “dog’s life.” This is a one-of-a-kind, true story that speaks from and to the heart – human and otherwise. With abundant humor and drama, and supplemented by a cast of colorful ‘extras,’ Dogs of Meadowbrook grips the reader’s attention early and doesn’t let go.
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Dogs of Meadowbrook is more than just a "feel good" story about a couple's pet dogs. Its basically a journal about a North Carolina couple and the dogs that became and remain a huge part of their lives. Over the course of many years strong bonds of love and mutual respect developed among the dogs and their human companions. The author has a talent for making the reader feel like a participant in the actual events. The reader will laugh at the many humorous adventures and enjoy the many "tails" of warmth, intrigue, and even danger. Above all the reader will be touched emotionally in a pure and uplifting way. This is not just a book for dog lovers, or pet owners in general. It is a book for anyone who can appreciate how important, beneficial, and even spiritual human and animal relationships can be. The love and devotion the author and his wife display for each other and for their furry buddies comes shinning through. I highly recommend this book.

-- Joy B.

William Schwenn (Author)

William “Skip” Schwenn, a former Clerk of federal bankruptcy court, is now retired and living in the company of four dogs in the mountains of North Carolina. Originally from Appleton, Wisconsin, Schwenn and his wife, Mary, have devoted their lives to enhancing the welfare of dogs wherever they find them. They maintain a lifestyle that solidly revolves around mutually rewarding activities with their furry partners. With this background, it is hardly surprising that the author’s stories are told with abundant humor and keen insight into the minds and hearts of dogs, whose capacity for living fully “in the moment” is an invaluable lesson for all of us – and one they are only too happy to share.

This is a story about a couple that had a little home in Virginia that was filled with so many memories.

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