Don’t justbreakthrough, BREAK FREE! by Puah Neiel

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Book Description

There’s an attack sieged against your destiny, purpose and God-appointed calling! Are you spiritually suited for warfare?! Many in today’s society are finding it difficult to survive on a daily basis let alone fight for their future! Don’t just breakthrough, BREAK FREE! A new book by Christian author Puah Neiel equips readers with the necessary tools needed to live a powerful, victorious life in Jesus Christ! DJBBF is a compilation of daily devotionals, Bible study and self-help book all rolled up into one! This highly sought after book is suitable for pre-teens to adults. DJBBF addresses the pitfalls of progress that many people struggle with on a day-to-day basis: negative thinking, doubt, bad habits, addictions and regression. It teaches readers how to identify, learn and heal from life’s lessons, and permanently break free from stubborn problems and spiritual strongholds! This practical guide gives its readers step-by-step instructions, relevant Bible verses, time-tested teaching and empirical knowledge to empower them to defeat any problem or old habit that keeps reoccurring in their lives.

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Great Book”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Glenis Morgan

A Great Book, very motivational and spiritual uplifting. Divinely inspired writing. After reading this Book. I’m now equipped with the knowledge and tools for changing my Life struggles and immediately took charge of prolonging agendas, limitations and barriers that I thought was impossible and hopeless.


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