Doppelgänger “Trust the one that brings the Light”


Darkness looms. Seals break. Light's trust - a deadly gamble.

Book Description:​

As the ultimate battle between Jesus and Lucifer draws near, a demonic spell is cast upon the earth and with this; confusion takes center stage in every way possible; right aligns with wrong, bitter becomes sweet and sin itself is second-guessed as even the very elect begins to cling to hope.

Adult fans of horror, thriller, and suspense will enjoy the unpredictable plot and complex historical elements in Hughes’s work. In addition to the question of the Antichrist’s identity.

Doppelgänger challenges readers to consider whether warning signs could hide in the most mundane of places

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Pierre S. Hughes was born in the US on the 4th of August 1984. He has always had this never-ending love for writing. He started writing when he was in High school. So, he decided to turn his passion and love for writing into something that will help him to fill beautiful colors in this world and the lives of people. You can imagine his devotion towards writing by reading his first book titled Fighting Love in May of 2010, which he wrote at the very young age of 26 years. He always wanted to impact people’s lives through his writings. Pierre’s devotion for writing increased tremendously after his first book and now he is the author of 16 books out of which four are self-help Christian books and others are beautiful novels. He has this quality of listening carefully to the people when they are telling stories about their life experiences and how little incidents changed them into a new person. Pierre has always wanted to help people in understanding the true purpose of their lives. His friends regularly depict him as an inspirational personality who always helps them to deal with difficult times of their lives. He has this firm belief that the pen is the most powerful tool in the world and through writing, you can impact thousands of help-seeking people who are searching for a ray of light that will brighten up their futures. Pierre is the author of many beautiful novels about love and passion. Through his books, you can find the missing part of your life. Pierre is living a very healthy and cherishing life in the US and he is always busy helping his friends to find the true meaning of their life. His love for his writing will never end and his books will always remain the witness of his love. His latest book titled ‘ It Shall be the Light in The Evening Time’ is a horror story about how you can find little shining light of hope even in you’re darkest times. Pierre is not only a wonderful author but also a loving human being who will always represent that how you can influence lives through your love. You’ll never know the true meaning of winning until you’ve lost” – Pierre S. Hughes

Doppelgänger “Trust the one that brings the Light”

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