Richard Carter’s grandparents enjoy a holiday in the country every year, but this time they return with more than just memories. Take that necklace, for example, the one his grandmother found in the high grass and now wants to bury. The old woman dies soon afterwards, but not before she has given it to him. Bad things begin to happen. One school bully ends up in the hospital, Richard’s estranged father, in the ground, and as the necklace works its dark magic, Richie’s mother, Susan, decides they must run, to the very house her parents loved so much.But what became of the family who lived there, and who is that girl in the upstairs window? Now, after the big man in the hat comes to call and the body count starts to rise, Susan Carter will wonder if she and Richie have made the worst, and last, decision of their lives.
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“Readers of Steven King will like this new writer”

Five Star Review on Amazon By J. S. Stocking

I enjoyed this well constructed and intriguing book. The first by a new author. The story races along through the 425 fast turning pages and captures one from the start. It was hard to put down. Although the story is set in the English countryside I got the constant feeling of being in the American mid west. I think this is due to the language and colloquialisms used throughout the narrative but probably more because of my lack of familiarity with today’s English ‘youth speak’?
This is merely my observation however and in no way detracts from a very well written and worked first novel which I trust will be followed by another quite soon.
More power to your elbow MJC Heathcote!
John Stocking,

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