Doves In A Tempest

by – Bill Schweitzer (Author)

The Valley of Horror

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Book Description:

“Those sweet summer days seemed to linger forever. You remember. It was in that time before cell phones, electronic games, and helicopter parenting; when a garden hose was your water fountain, a bicycle your limousine, and you had to invent your own fun, using your own imagination. The books you checked out from the local library were printed on paper, with pages you actually had to turn, and smelled of musty adventure.”

With these words we are launched into the exploits of an exceptional group of children as they play out through the Texas Hill Country and across the Blackland Prairies. Are they within the realm of science-fiction, or are they all simply due to drug-induced hallucinations that resulted from government- funded experimentation by a private laboratory, the University of Texas Psychology Department and the U.S. Air Force?

On the surface, two tales spin out-the children’s search for what they believe was a flying saucer landing, and their parents’ investigation into the drug experiments. Eventually the two come together, and the parents believe it’s all over, but the kids know better.

Reviews for the Book

"Doves in a Tempest takes the reader back to earlier, nostalgic times, only to find that they were neither as kind nor as gentle as memory suggests. A Five-Star Read!" -Diane Lauer, author of Dormant Diversion
"A fantastic coming of age and sci-fi mystery that makes you more than wonder about transitional wonder years." -Jeff Ulin, author of The Lord's Tusks
"A vivid, compelling story." -Levi Bronze, author of Two Yellow Cabooses

About the Author: Bill Schweitzer

Bill Schweitzer lives just outside of Austin, Texas with his muse (lovely wife), little dog, Sami, and Sami’s cat. His stories center in Austin, where he grew up, attended The University of Texas, married, had children, and countless dogs. Along with his family, he has traveled around the world and lived as an ex-pat for many years.