Dragon of Sand & Storm

by – H. Leighton Dickson (Author)

The Autobiography of a Goddess (The Dragons of Solunas Book 2) 

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Book Description:

“While a dragon may be worshipped, she may never be truly tamed.”

With scales of glorious gold, young drakina Anekh Sun is taken from the banks of the River Nahr to the palace of the Ophar in the God’s Land of Gifah. But life as a ‘Great Gold’ comes with a great cost, and war comes on the wings of the Empire of Remus across the Nameless Sea. Anekh soon becomes a pawn in a Game of Empires, as factions jockey to take the Golden Throne of Gifah as their own.

Along the banks of the Rivers Sand and Storm, Anekh is pursued by all nations, not only as a royal symbol but for her glorious golden hide, where even one scale is believed to grant eternal life. Will Anekh be able to outwit the empires of the world, or will she be be pulled back into a game where dragon lives are sacrificed in the service of kings and the whims of the gods?

Reviews for the Book

I have never pre-ordered a book, but the moment I saw the page for this book, I hit that button immediately. I consider the first book in this series to be one of the very best dragon POV books to ever exist, and I have read it many times. This second book in the series not only lived up to the expectations set by the first, but surpassed them. I could barely put it down - the author's beautiful style of writing returns full force and better than ever, and I was enthralled with the journey of our dragon goddess. I will continue to enjoy her story for many years to come, and will gladly buy and enjoy any more entries in the series without a second thought. Thank you. -Epona @ KNSFarm

About the Author: H. Leighton Dickson

H. Leighton Dickson grew up in the wilds of the Canadian Shield, where her neighbours were wolves, moose, deer and lynx. She studied Zoology at the University of Guelph and worked in the Edinburgh Zoological Gardens in Scotland, where she was chased by lions, wrestled deaf tigers and fed antibiotics to Polar Bears by baby bottle! She has been writing since she was thirteen and pencilled her way through university with the help of DC Comics. She has three dogs, three cats, three kids and one husband. She has managed to keep most of them alive so far.

Now repped by The Bent Agency’s Desiree Wilson, Heather got her start as an indie author with the Sci/Fi fantasy series, RISE OF THE UPPER KINGDOM, along with Gothic thriller series, COLD STONE & IVY and the award-winning DRAGON OF ASH & STARS: The Autobiography of a Night Dragon. She also writes for Bayview Magazine, speaks at book conventions and is a wizard when it comes to book covers.

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