DRAGON’S GAP: Dragon Shifter Romance Stories 1-3

L.M. Lacee’s first omnibus edition in the popular fantasy-romance Dragon’s Gap Sag


by –  L.M. Lacee (Author)

Dragon Shifter Romance Stories 1-3 

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Book Description:

L.M. Lacee’s first omnibus edition in the popular fantasy-romance Dragon’s Gap Saga.
This digital dragon alpha female fantasy romance box set contains the first, second and third dragon, fantasy romance and shifter adventure stories that flow from one to the other capturing the readers attention..:

Reighn & Sage’s Story: Reighn, the dragon lord had no idea when he woke one morning what the day was about to deliver. For a thousand years he and many dragons had waited for their shadows. By the end of the day the dragon lord would not only have his long desired mate but TWO YOUNG DAUGHTERS as well!
Sharm & Edith’s Story: This is the second dragon alpha female fantasy romance book in the series ‘Dragon’s Gap’ where we meet Edith Black who is a full bear that grew up thinking she was human. Edith is a bear that, for so long, could not shift or communicate with her other half. After she has been at Dragon’s Gap for two months this all changes so whether it is the influence of all the other shifters or the Dragon magic that fills the air, Edith’s bear starts to talk to her.
Storm and Charlie’s Story: This is an inspirational romance fantasy about two people who deal in war. They must learn that they need to embrace their softer natures when their shape shifting young children need them to take on the roles of parents. Both Charlie and her dragon shadow Storm find themselves rising to the occasion.
What Amazon readers are saying:

‘Dragons & Magic! A fast read with terrific world building. Dragon’s Gap book1 has a unique take on shifters, magic users and humans that sucks you in and carries you along for the ride. The characters are so well rounded, you are even rooting for side characters. The romance between Reighn and Sage is compelling and warm. But best of all is the theme: Family is what you make, not necessarily biological, but those you choose to bring into your life and keep close. I look for to reading more in this series.

‘Attention grabbing story! Excellent story! Easy to read, interesting characters. Love the style of writing- easy to read quickly and to enjoy! Unique story and kept my interest! Love this author and will read more of her books!

‘Excellent storyline! Very good book. 5 stars for content and story line. Love the storyline. Will get more of her books! Highly recommend.

‘Great read! Loved story…Looking forward to the next in series!’

For The Love Of A HOT Dragon. Who doesn’t want to fall in love with a handsome dragon shifter! Add in the adorable 3yr old tiger/kitten shifter, Kammy, takes this sweet and inspirational love story of Lars and Claire to a new level. I greatly enjoyed this warm hearted story even though I jumped into this series with this novella. I would definitely recommend it to other readers who like shifter romances. Now I’m off to buy the first book in this series!’

‘Awesome! I just love Dragon tales and this one is awesome!
‘Excellent read. I absolutely enjoyed this book. Such a great read I read the whole series and was not disappointed.
‘Page-turner. An exciting book with a convincing story. A true page-turner.’

‘Five Stars. Awesome book! I would definitely recommend it to others…
‘A great read! What a capturing read, I couldn’t put this book down. This plot hit home on many levels.
‘Family growth. The love of a Dragon while orphans are gathered and held into living arms while learning the truth of one’s self.’ Available in digital.

Reviews for the Book

Gail Thompson - Great Read
The characters were well rounded and thought out. Grabs your attention through the whole series. I would recommend these books to everyone.
GreenWitch18 - Shouldn't have waited to read this.
I borrowed this set 3 times before actually reading it.
I am so mad at myself for that.
I found a story that was filled with, love, family, mystery and happiness. The characters put a smile on my face and it stayed there throughout the set.
This series told a story of the love of a mother and father that goes beyond the surface of a child. The skin of the child never entered into the love of the child.
If the world could find the capability to do as this author has written we would be better off.
Thank you for a wonderful story.
Gordon Stampfli - Awesome
These books are well written with well developed characters. I enjoyed the storyline for each of the characters. I am going to get the next 3 books now

About the Author: L. M. LACEE

Leonie grew up in Auckland, New Zealand, and traveled to America and Australia with her husband and four, now grown sons experiencing different peoples and cultures.

You can connect with Leonie online at http://lmlacee.com or

join her mailing list here: http://newsletter.lmlacee.com

Devouring romantic fantasy from her youth to science-fiction classics from more recent times, her love for romance, books and writing with a passion inspired by the love of inventing new, sometimes epic fantasy stories set in new places that she creates all with their own set of unique, strong characters. Her first book in the Epic Dragon’s Gap Series, “Reighn & Sage”, won, ‘Best Indie Book of the Year’ 2018.

Her strong interest in the interactions of people was stimulated when she lived in cities like Los Angeles, Sydney, Santa Barbara and then back to New Zealand where she now lives with her husband and Rottweilers in the beautiful, winter-less Northland.

Looking at a new Catamaran in her near future to sail around the world.

It was while settling back in New Zealand’s North Leonie seriously took up writing again, producing her Romantic Fantasy Series, Dragon’s Gap, the first book set in a magical time and place.

“When I am not writing or traveling to see my sons overseas, I enjoy knitting, showing my Rottweilers, fishing the Kaipara, reading and occasionally cooking for my husband. My website is ever changing, ‘COME OVER, I sometimes give books away for FREE!'” You can also request to join our beta reader team and help us fine-tune our books prior to release.

Dragon’s Gap : A Romance Fantasy Series contains stand-alone, full-length novels of approximately 60,000 words each including:

Book 1-Reighn & Sage’s Story ( Best Indie Book of the Year WINNER 2018 )

Book 2-Sharm & Edith’s Story

Book 3-Storm and Charlie’s Story

Book 4-Ash & Olinda’s Story

Book 5-Ace & Harper’s Story

Book 6-Thorn & Ciana’s Story

Book 7-Ocean & Conor’s Story

Plus four Novellas:

-Love’s Catalyst

-Love’s Impulse

-A Christmas Surprise

-A Christmas Gift

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“If you enjoyed her writing, I know she would love reading your positive reviews.”

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