“You have cancer”. Those words changed my life. After I heard them, all I could think was, “My daughter’s only 8”. It just over whelmed me. “How many dreams would I be able to help her make come true?”………
Hello, my name is Elizabeth Gross. This is the true story of my cancer journey. I’ve written it to say thank you to my daughter’s hero, Taylor Swift, and to help and inspire others as they, too, battle cancer or invisible illness. Paying forward Taylor’s kindness, my family donates 100% net profits to the cancer & invisible illness research and support cause of YOUR CHOICE. I sincerely hope our story is of help to you, or someone you love. -e 🙂

PRAISE FOR ‘Dream Accomplished’

“Your book is amazingly inspiring” -@AfterAllMyLove

“The amount of effort & love that has been put into this book is brilliant! Swifties go order now! Truly Amazing! It brought tears to my eyes” -@Taylor13Parmis

“I went through 100 pages at one sitting! Your story is so riveting that I couldn’t put it down and with such raw emotion it’s as if I was feeling the same emotions. Thank you for sharing your story, I know it will change lives.” -Laurie W.

“Your story will for sure inspire and help others.” -@akronohiomoms

“I sat right down and read the whole book! I’d known you’d met Taylor, but I couldn’t believe all the pictures and details about how! Just Amazing! All I can say is WOW!” -Jo W.

“Have read your beautiful story 3x already! This is the most inspiring cancer book I’ve read in a long time!” -Vicki H.

“Very easy, compelling reading. I can sure identify with hearing those words, “You have cancer”. I think it’s great how you involved your daughter. This story is unbelievably moving.” -Nancy G.

“What a moving story. I do so admire your courage.” -Jane G.

‘Dream Accomplished’ FEATURED IN THE NEWS: (see http://www.dreamaccomplished.com for links)
WKYC Ch 3 Cleveland News
NBC4i Columbus News
Hudson Hub Times Newspaper

Mom’s Choice Award
Readers’ Favorite 5 Star & Gold Memoir
New Apple for Excellence
Available on Amazon

Find A Dream and Follow It”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Emmabbooks

This inspiring, memoir is all about having a dream, that will provide focus, fun and fulfilment, away from the problems of everyday life.
In this case the problem is a diagnosis of a rare blood cancer Essential Thrombocythemia (MPN). The first part of the book has loads of useful information for anyone who may be going through hospital processes – with any condition. Though set in the US, it applies equally to other countries. It deals with coping with contradictory diagnoses, and what to expect of various procedures. There are anecdotes about the many wonderful doctors and care staff – plus the not so wonderful. With lots of “wow” moments that put your own life issues into perspective, this always remains a positive book, with uplifting moments at the most difficult of times.

The second part of the book is about finding an adventure to provide focus and joy through difficult times. With all this going on, somehow this family find time to focus on the needs of others – this is the family we all wish lived next door!

This is a book of hope. One that everyone should read, as it has life enhancing tips for all, not just the ill. This is NOT a book about living with cancer, it is a book about living life to the full and enjoying every moment. At the end of the book is a section with many useful resources.

On finishing the book, I tweeted the following to the author “Dinner is late tonight, because I can’t do anything until I have finished your book, and because I’m crying with positive emotion.”

Thank you Elizabeth, Marc and Page for this life enhancing book.

About the Author

Elizabeth Gross is a wife, swiftiemom, cancer battler, invisible illness spoonie, wildlife gardener, good news sharer, chocoholic, and award-winning author. ‘Dream Accomplished: A Story of Cancer, A Mother’s Love & Taylor Swift’ is her first book, & it has won the Mom’s Choice Award, New Apple Award, Readers’ Favorite 5 Star & Readers’ Favorite Gold Memoir Award.

For additional information please visit with her at www.dreamaccomplished.com, www.lotsoflifeonalittlelot.com or on twitter/tumblr @ourtaylorstory

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