Dream Big, Live Big!

by – Margo Bush (Author)


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Book Description:

Who wants to grow an extraordinary business? Do you have an understanding of business, or do you find yourself having questions about what it takes to go to the next level?

Many business owners face the same frustrations-how to make more money, and what it takes to create real growth. “Growing a business is simple, I am not saying it is easy, but the principles are simple. If you learn the basic principles of business, you can grow and enjoy long-term success.” -Margo Bush 

In Dream Big, Live Big, you’ll learn the basic principles you need to know to get results. Roadblocks that hinder business success, and how to break past them. Margo’s personal story of learning how she began to grow from knowing little to nothing about business. 

Small business owners at Don’t Do Business Alone Coaching and Consulting Firm are applying the principles in Dream Big, Live Big, everyday to grow to 6 and 7-figures-and you can too. This book boils it down to create actionable steps that will move the needle for any business. 

About the Author: Margo Bush

Dr. Margo Bush is an influential business woman, coach, senior business analyst, speaker and author – a unique combination of business and ministry. Dr. Margo believes that if you focus on money only, your life will never be a true success, because what good is money without faith, family, love, personal fulfillment, and growth across all areas of life? Additionally, practicing faith only, with no ties to money, cannot lead to true success – because faith without being able to pay your bills, going hungry, or amassing debt simply isn’t true success. Margo’s combination and understanding of both faith and business acumen has led her to achieve the success and prosperity she is coaching others today. Margo was born and raised in Oklahoma. After twenty-eight years of marriage became a widow in her forties and tool over the book printing and publishing company her and her husband owned. In 2011 she completed a two year elite business coaching program and began traveling the world teaching and speaking in business seminars. She has helped small business owners and entrepreneurs establish six and seven figure businesses across the globe, helped countless churches how to increase growth and invested in multiple businesses. Margo is a singer and musician – involved in various church and community projects ranging from theater performance, to helping people recover from drug addiction, homelessness and prison reform. Margo has a Music and Theater Degree, and received her Doctorate from West Virginia Christian University. She’s mom to two young men who are married, and proud to be Gigi to four adorable grand-babies. She enjoys art, painting, designing, theater and playing the piano. –This text refers to the paperback edition.

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