Dream Gate…Grabbing Air

by –  Sherrie Todd-Beshore (Author)

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Book Description:

Where do we ‘go’ in our Dreams? From inside the wall cavity of a century old building inherited by cousins Olivia and Phoebe Jamieson were the remains of a man who died 80 years before-along with four original oil paintings still listed as missing from thefts during WWII. From the moment of that discovery, Olivia dealt with her growing feelings for the lead detective, the disrupting presence of an art investigator brought in to authenticate the paintings and confusion over a series of reoccurring dreams. However-just when Olivia began to make sense of the clues in her dreams, a new murder complicated everything, her cousin disappeared, the art investigator disappeared and she feared history had repeated itself…Now, suddenly a new succession of dreams that at first appears distinct from the original investigation begins to trouble her sleep. As the second round of dreams persist, Olivia’s personal stakes become elevated and the confounding investigation takes an entirely different direction to an accidental invention that governments of several countries want to control. Then shockingly Olivia finds that one after another-what she thought was straightforward and obvious – was not…