Dreams and Dull Realities by John Kearns

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Book Description:

acsdvdvA unified collection of stories, “Dreams and Dull Realities” plays variations on the theme of imagination’s colliding with concrete reality. The collection’s lyrical, comical, touching, and absurd stories portray seven male and five female Irish-American and Latino protagonists whose vibrant interior lives contrast sharply with their dreary exterior lives. Beginning with the prize-winning, “Flight,” the collection takes readers on a tour through childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and aging in Philadelphia and The Bronx, employing a variety of styles. Internal monologues depict the thoughts of children and teenagers. A parody of sports announcers describes a Friday commute. A loquacious Dominican sister narrates the tale of her “tragic” trip home for Thanksgiving. Expressionistic detail illuminates the bizarre weekly ritual of a group of retired men. Written and revised over the course of more than twenty years, the twelve stories of “Dreams and Dull Realities” form a singular powerful work.

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“Great Stories from John Kearns”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Edward Wall

Enjoyed the book greatly, especially the many Philadelphia parts to it. In some respects, the book has a decidedly Joycean quality to it — a moral history of Philadelphia, that is explored on a small scale in some stories and then stretched out like a symphony in “Athletics.” Throughout, as a reader, I am right inside the minds and personalities and dreams of the characters, no place more so than on page 39 on the stairs with Terry going back to school. I turned the pages eagerly, enjoying the characters and their predicaments. Dreams and Dull Realities is excellent throughout — stylish, elegant, and edgy, and completely convincing. I look forward to more.

About the Author

Novelist – Playwright – Poet – Producer

Dreams and Dull Realities by John Kearns

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