Drippy Face by Katy Krump

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41lwZwt8T3L._SX296_BO1,204,203,200_Meet Pete, a boy made entirely of bog.
He drips and oozes and his sister, Gilda, the golden-faced Precious girl, never lets him forget it. When Gilda is abducted, Pete must make an impossible decision – do the right thing and rescue her, or let his mean-spirited sister get what she deserves.
Along with his brother Sandy, who keeps falling apart, and best friends Al Loy, Oozenberg and Blanche, Pete sets off on terrifying adventure into an unknown world populated by vicious “Collectors”.
Can Pete and his friends avoid the brutal diggers tearing apart their underground world and survive the molten madness of Volcanus and his lava louts? More importantly, can he rescue Gilda from the jaws of the “Furniss” before she is melted or will he return home a soggy disgrace?

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Five Star Review on Amazon By Limonie Mckeown Sunderland

I absolutely loved reading this book because the storyline is great. Also the characters are very interesting because their names and their personalities ate all different! I would recommend this book for girls and boys who are about 6+ but anyone could read it and enjoy it!
You must get this book!!!!!!!!!

About the Author

Welcome to my author page. A special welcome to those that landed here accidentally.

Since this is called my ‘Author Page’, I’m going to tell you a little about me.

I was born and raised in South Africa where I qualified as a teacher, teaching English and Music. I wrote five children’s musicals that were published in SA and sold extensively throughout the country and into Africa, and are still being performed over there. I left teaching to become a full-time television scriptwriter in 1994, working on an award winning South African children’s programme, Kideo. I entered a nationwide scriptwriting competition and was selected to be on the writing team of Generations, a multi-lingual soap – South Africa has eleven official languages. Fun, but strange. I also wrote advertising copy, radio jingles and adverts and then moved into writing textbooks and readers for illiterate and semi-literate adults.

I worked on CD rom voiceovers for the Independent Electoral Committee before the first democratic elections. Some of my music was performed to the United Nations observers and was also recorded and broadcast on South African television. I’ve also written corporate video scripts and created and directed a children’s series for Impact media in SA.

I emigrated to the UK in 2000 and became a naturalized citizen in 2005. Since being in the UK I’ve written animation scripts for Waterston TV (in development) and have been pursuing the writing dream.

In 2012, after many years of hard work, I signed a 4 book deal with Ghostly Publishing. A dream come true. Sadly the company closed last year. But all is not lost.

I’m now with GLUE Publishing and I’m going to stick with them for the foreseeable future. I write YA scifi and children’s fantasy and have had three books released. Blue Dust: Forbidden (nominated for the Costa Book Awards), Blue Dust: Destiny, and the final in the series, Insurrection, released 2015 by GLUE Scifi. A children’ fantasy, Drippy Face, was released in 2013 and is soon to be re-released under the GLUE banner. All very exciting as it’s been a long road getting here.

I’ve also written a thriller, When Killers Cry under the name K.A.Edwards. It’s out on kindle now and the paperback will soon be out too.

I’m currently working on a number of projects including two commissions. I visit schools and various groups to talk about my writing or about what it was like growing up during apartheid.
If you’re interested in me coming to visit your school, club, cruise ship (it could happen!) please drop me a line and I’ll get back to you.

You could always pop over to www.katy-krump.co.uk

I’m also on Facebook and twitter if you’re that way inclined

Let me know how you like my books. Even if you don’t, I’d love to hear from you. Really. I would.