Driven by Revenge

A style that does make for varying chapter lengths, especially as we near the climax of the story.
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Book Description:

A police drama that was inspired by a Christmas Morning incident in Webster NY, where a gunman set his own house afire and then waited for the police and firemen to arrive. The story is written from a dual perspective featuring a narrative of the antagonist’s actions and thoughts, along with the actions, and emotions of Senior Detective Charlotte, Charlie) Nelson. Charlie suddenly finds herself in the crosshairs of a former army sniper, bent on exacting his revenge his reserve command master sergeant and a member, like Charlie, of the Smithville Police Department. Her life-saving actions at the initial scene, coupled with her taking on the role of caring for the extraordinary teenage daughter of the fellow officer she saved earn her multiple bullseyes on her back. Two of which are from people trying to kill her, and the other placed there by a teenage cupid, who thinks that she would be the perfect match for her dad and herself. The use of chapters in this book is for the purpose of transition between the Antagonist’s point of view, and Charlie, our Protagonist telling of the story in the first person. A style that does make for varying chapter lengths, especially as we near the climax of the story. Additionally, as some of the chapters are long, I have used a graphic symbol to signify scene changes within a chapter. We found that this method allowed us to tell both sides of the story, and allow the reader to become absorbed in the emotions, feelings, and moments of intense action, suspense, humor, and terror that make up this story.

A Cozy Police Drama yet loaded with twist and turns. Told from both the point of view of the villain and the heroine.

-- Richard Nurse

Richard Nurse (Author)

A Vietnam Era Veteran, my desire to write was born in my late teens. Inspired and encouraged by professionals when I spent a year as the Office Boy for the President and other Executives of Gannett News. My higher education was interrupted by a six-year stint in the Navy, where I developed my ability to spin a tale, coached by some of the best story tellers around, and where the best stories usually began with “Now this ain’t no B…S…”. Married to the same wonderful woman for almost 50 years now, I somehow managed to earn three degrees by working and going to college at night, while we raised our daughter. This daughter kept my creative juices flowing, as she required me to come up with a new story every night about one of her stuffed animals. I began to write fiction, along with poetry, as a way to battle boredom at work, as well as to fill the time spent alone, as it was my wife’s turn to complete her dream and become an Art Historian. With our daughter now married, and living her dream as an Elementary School Teacher, wife, and mother of the greatest granddaughter in the world, it was time for me to re-kindle my dream. I retired at the earliest age that I could and began to write seriously. My first published work was a feature article for a collecting magazine, titled “Addicted to Glass”. Not being a person who tolerates long waits for answers well, I read up on the world of self-publishing. I decided to give it a go. I published works under a pen name at first, and then more recently under my own name. To date, between the two, I have over thirty works of fiction ranging from short stories to novels, along with three collections of poetry, and four stand-alone poems published.

A style that does make for varying chapter lengths, especially as we near the climax of the story.

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