Just when you think nothing more can go wrong… In 1999 I died aged 34.
Life had already been unusually tough but everything happens for a reason. Dying for Success is a motivational and inspirational memoir mixed with experiential learning for self-help. My life reads like a heart attack having experienced fabulous peaks and life changing troughs, few people in the world who have actually died can describe the experience. I was of course revived but told I would never walk again due to a life changing disability caused whilst in hospital. Having lost a Blue Chip career, I was now a divorced disabled man, unemployed, bringing up two young children alone whilst suffering from PTSD and depression, courtesy of the trauma.
Could life get any worse? Yes it could and it did! So, how did I come back from this and become a successful entrepreneur and coach wanting to help people? This is a roller coaster story which seems like fiction but is all true. I’ll show you determination, mindset, motivation and inspiration which are necessary means required to achieve true success. Finally, as I’ve already said, everything happens for a reason. What’s your goal? Let’s find out together.