Dying to Be Free by Hannah Robinson

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Book Description

41ESaEOie1L._SX328_BO1,204,203,200_In this compelling memoir, Hannah Robinson relates how she was injured in an accident while on holiday in Tenerife, sustaining life-threatening multiple injuries. While still “unconscious” she entered a “near-death experience”, where she experienced true peace and love. She also received the information she needed to come to terms with the biggest, negative issue she would continue to face; the life-long rejection and enforced secrecy of her father, a Catholic priest. While healing in hospital and at home, Hannah started to understand how her father’s actions and her near-death experience were inextricably linked; that they’d both occurred at all was more than just coincidence. Within these pages, Hannah shares many of the stages of her life-transforming journey, both wonderful and excruciating, that have brought her to a deeper understanding of how and why this all happened. Increasingly struck by the contrast between her own spiritual experience and her treatment by the Catholic Church, Hannah examines the relationship between organised religion and near-death experiences and makes a good argument for love being the most emotionally, spiritually and psychologically healing power there is; one that transcends human belief systems and ultimately unites us all as one.

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“A very well written true story”

Five Star Review on Amazon By Mrs W

I bought this book as I was interested in the Near Death Experience aspect. However getting the pre-NDE story was a real eye opener. I was shocked and saddened at the way the author and her mother had been treated by the Catholic Church, not just in the 70s but in the continuing decades. At first I couldn’t get the correlation between the NDE and the family situation. However Hannah, the author, explained it so clearly and it was amazing the affect it had on the rest of her life.
Considering what happened, there is no malice in this book. It’s not about revenge or anger or wanting sympathy. The book is gently factual and I feel the author has a genuine desire, rather than aggressive demand, to want the Catholic Church to re-evaluate it’s rules towards priests.

About the Author

Hannah Robinson was born in London and now lives in Buckinghamshire. UK. She gained a Masters degree from the Courtauld Institute of Art, London, before teaching art in secondary schools for twelve years. She is deeply interested in spirituality and consciousness and supports Coping International, an organisation set up to help the children of Catholic priests.