51hCnO7D5nL._SX330_BO1,204,203,200_Taylor’s aunt Delores’ husband, Eugene, betrays her. She finds out quite by accident that he’s fallen in love with her sister. A sister that will never reciprocate his affection. Of course a divorce is inevitable. Instead of placing the blame for their breakup on her husband she turns on her sister and hates the child she’s carrying before it’s conceived. That child happens to be Taylor. Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond her control Taylor ends up living with her aunt. In the dark about why her aunt is treating her like dirt she turns to a longtime family friend for answers. That guardian angel Ms. Vera explains to her that an action that shouldn’t have been entertained caused hearts to break like match sticks. Hate, resentment, and retaliation crowded into the small space where love once flourished.

Needing an outlet from the hate her aunt relentlessly spews at her Taylor seeks comfort in the arms of Bobby. When that relationship abruptly ends she ends up falling for Mitch. Intimacy with both of these men has been fabulous and hot. They are brilliant at satisfying the flesh. But a request that Mitch deems unreasonable breaks him and Taylor up. Attempting to move on she allows a man she knows nothing about to sample her goods. But it doesn’t end there he manipulates her in ways she never saw coming.

Feeling like her past is suffocating her future Taylor contemplates the unthinkable. Convinced that she has nothing to lose she wonders if a dysfunctional beginning should dictate her ending.

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About the Author

Renee A. is proud to introduce her debut novel called: Dysfunctional Beginnings. She’s currently a reviewer for Rambles.net reviewing under the name Renee Harmon. She has a degree from Tarrant County College and has amazing future projects in the works. She’s published two chap books of poetry and completed two more novels called: I Let All Of Them Come Inside Me and her latest novel called: Bad Intentions R Deliberate. Writing is her passion so be on the lookout for more amazing novels to come.

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